The ease of being a woman

November 3, 2016

Women are born here to increase the feeling of love in themselves and around them. Often, however, the full manifestation of the potential is hindered by purposeless, sometimes even harmful behavior and thought patterns that have been established over the years, which are also the causes of our health problems. Ayurvedic solutions are simple.

The article was originally published in the October edition of Sensa magazine.

A young mother in her 20s came to me for a massage – a long, oily massage. A beautiful, sweet and affectionate young woman, very happy with her adorable baby. She said that she had gone to study with her child and also does a little project work at home so as not to “degenerate” into the degree. Listening to her, I recognized myself 27 years ago when I had my first child. Later, after the second, third and fourth child, the same thought structure kept popping up in my head, albeit weaker and weaker, making me feel worthless, insignificant and alone just being at home with the baby.

Indeed, our modern way of life is performance-based, and you have to be “someone” to be valuable. This belief is implanted in us from the outside. The innate natural state of man is living and being. You don’t have to be “someone” to be happy – but we have to learn that again in our lifetime. It is completely enough that you are. And there are no greater teachers of the wonderful lightness of being than our own children.

Out of performance

I have seen women in their 30s with depressive thoughts and manifestations of anxiety. Often they also have chronic health problems. There are quite a few women who have wanted to get pregnant but have not been pregnant. These women have done everything to be ‘someone’. They are educated, smart, beautiful, successful, in a relationship – and yet they feel that something is missing. Deep down, they want to experience being and living according to the rhythms of nature and get out of the pressure of constant performance. They just want to be, feel and create in a small community model – a family. I help these women to relax, to experience themselves in love and sometimes I also support them with plants. Some of them have remained waiting for a child. It is the ultimate expression of nature’s creation.

From the age of 40, a wonderful period of transformation begins in a woman’s life, when the spiritual fruits of self-realization ripen. A daily routine, small loving changes in habits, gentle techniques to increase self-love, proper nutrition, supporting hormones with plants help a woman in this powerful period of maturity.

In the later years, in the golden age, the maturity and abundance that come with age are the ultimate sources of pleasure for a woman,
if until now you have lived in contact and harmony with yourself, nature and everything around you. Understanding and accepting the mystery of life is a great gift. Those who are on the wheel of life’s performance need the wisdom, peace, presence and love of a woman in her golden age, and a kind word.

The wisdom of a woman’s body

Every spring I admire the cherry trees in the sea of ​​flowers in my garden and I am painfully aware that this mystical beauty lasts only two of the fifty-two weeks of the year at most. At the same moment, I am also aware that in about the same amount of time, these scant two weeks, at the end of summer, the same tree will bear ready, ripe, sweet fruits. Life is wonderful, beautiful and simple.

At any age, it is important to feel the processes taking place in your body and mind and to give yourself time, peace and love.

Health and happiness are natural human states. Happiness is the feeling of abundance and love within oneself, which quietly flows over the edge and waters everything and makes it fruitful. Ill symptoms are a sign that the system is out of balance and needs attention. A woman is created in such a way that she experiences and understands the laws of nature as the rhythms of her body very clearly, and perhaps that is why it is said that all women are wise witches. A woman knows that the body has an innate ability to heal and self-cleanse, and this manifests itself as metabolism. The body is smart, body processes work by themselves and naturally, if what is happening in the head does not confuse us. How to listen to your body and not what the mind tells us?

Mind and body

We all know that the body and the mind form one whole, but we are less aware that they have different, even opposing “interests”.

The body always wants a habitual, safe and stable rhythm of life, rest and routine: eating and sleeping at certain times of the day, cleaning in the morning and moderate exercise.

The mind, in turn, constantly wants new things, more stimuli, and quickly gets tired of what it has. The Internet is based on this phenomenon and the entire advertising industry is built on it. The mind automatically turns to where the louder “noise” is coming from, where there are colorful flashes and more. Stimuli for the mind are the use of computers and smart devices, watching television, intensive communication, non-routine physical activities and all information that comes from outside the body.

Any deviation from the usual routine causes stress on the body. On the body
it’s exhausting to indulge and live overstimulated – when all the time is busy. In Estonian, there is an interesting word “entertainment”. So what’s the distraction? Constant entertainment diverts attention from the body and body awareness, thus distracting the mind from the body.

Overstimulation and haste create a state of stress, which in turn leads to dissatisfaction, insecurity, lack of love and feelings of worthlessness. Physically, stress manifests itself as metabolic and digestive disorders. The causes of digestive problems – irregular lifestyle, stress, poor diet or side effects of medication – all indicate that we have not been gentle and loving enough with ourselves or neglected the body’s needs. Chronic indigestion can result in food intolerance, allergies, indigestion, lack of nutrients, vitamins or minerals, excess weight, but according to Ayurveda, even more serious chronic diseases.

So, one must be aware that the mind is not always at the service of the body. By realizing the special nature of the mind, one can consciously, lovingly and consistently direct one’s attention to the needs of the body, especially as women. To reduce stress, more regularity needs to be brought into life by reducing stimuli and the intensity of living in general.

Bye, of course

  • In order to heal naturally, the first priority is to pay attention to your digestion and stabilize your mind. A person is a homeostatic whole and the body works automatically like clockwork if you live in harmony with nature and follow the rhythms of nature.
  • In acute illness, the most important thing is to give yourself rest and peace.
  • In case of chronic health problems, it is necessary to change your behavior and thinking habits and gently support the healing and recovery of the body, creating the conditions for this in the form of routines and supporting the body with, for example, herbal treatment and dietary changes over a longer period of time, always slowly and lovingly.
  • It is often said that all troubles come from wrong or negative thinking. A sure and enjoyable way is to change your thinking through pleasant body practices. By treating your body with small, tender positive changes, you can also make your thinking more positive, your attitude to life more loving, and gently silence your inner critic, because body and mind are one whole.
  • Harmful habits should also be given up slowly and with self-forgiveness, because quick giving up causes stress and in turn puts the body and mind out of balance.

Listen to your gut

In Estonian, there is a good word for intuition – “gut feeling”. The logical conclusion is that a healthy stomach is a prerequisite for intuition to work. If the digestion is not stable, the mind is not stable either. When the mind is not stable, we are affected by the peculiarity of the mind to respond to external stimuli and we cannot distinguish the noise coming from outside from our inner voice.

Each organism is unique and the causes of health problems are different, and no health trick works the same way for everyone. What suits one person may worsen the health condition of another and lead to complications. The Internet is a very good source of information, but it attracts the mind and takes attention away from the body. The mind-blowing suggestions found there may not be appropriate.

The only way to get true information about yourself is to listen to your intuition and distinguish it from fantasy, the works of the mind. When the mind is overstimulated and the body is tired, the information in the mind is superficial and comes from the impressions of the sense organs. However, in such a state, we are unable to decide what is good for us. You can hear yourself best in silence, and the best way to create inner silence is through meditation and being in untouched nature.

In the Ayurvedic sense, meditation is a comfortable resting position, eyes closed, sitting motionless in silence without purpose, simple introspection, experiencing and acceptance. Any kind of movement starts the thoughts in the head and does not give the mind the rest it needs. Sitting quietly and focusing on ourselves in this way reveals our true needs. Silent meditation is accessible to everyone and requires no skill other than consistent practice.
It’s nice to create a feeling of slowness, care and love with your loved ones in a simple time together. It’s nice to create silence – be it media silence, silence from emotions or city noise, pleasant calm music, massage, etc.

The feeling of love is the greatest healer.

A person is a social being and gets both his positive feelings and negative impulses by interacting with other people. By being gentle and loving with oneself, a person is also gentle and loving with those around them. By being slow, gentle and loving with our bodies, we create more slowness, tenderness and love around us. This is the secret of the wonderful ease of being a woman.

The basis of health is digestion

How can we more accurately assess digestion, which reflects our health situation? We can conclude about digestion by analyzing the residual product of digestion and the rhythm of excretion. In our cultural space, it can be alienating when talking about stool, but Ayurveda describes very precisely what the normal rhythm of stool and excretion is.

A normal metabolism means regular and effortless digestion, and this is indicated by a daily and effortless elimination that occurs before breakfast. The excretory product of normal digestive activity is a mass with the shape and consistency of a ripe banana in one piece and without an unpleasant smell. Normal stool smells neutral like soil. Any deviation from this norm indicates a disharmony, which in the long run leads to more serious health problems. So, looking at the toilet bowl after using it is a very useful habit for preventing most diseases and a prerequisite for healing with natural methods.

When ailments arise or as soon as you look at the toilet bowl at the usual time in the morning and do not see a “ripe banana”, the first thing to do is to make your lifestyle more regular, relieve stress by reducing stimuli, and review your diet and exercise habits. Nutrition is a very broad topic, and let it be said here that the most important thing is to eat pure, unprocessed, simple food without additives. Each person can make their own choices.

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