How to age well

November 17, 2018

If an elderly person is not depressed, he is happier than ever at this stage of his life. How to reduce bitterness and increase the feeling of contentment and love within oneself is the main question of aging.
The article appeared in the August 2018 issue of Tervis + magazine

According to Ajurveeda, body and mind are one whole. By affecting one, it is possible to cause changes in the other. So it can be said that everything that happens in the mind,
including depression, have physiological causes. I see retired people who complain about one or another physical symptom, but most of the time they also realize that their main problem is between the two ears. They have negative feelings—anger, self-worthlessness, and inadequacy—that they don’t want to feel.
When a baby is born without it, it expects to be taken care of. He wants to eat simple food that he can digest at certain times of the day, he wants to sleep at the right time with nature, wake up in the morning and expel everything that has been digested. He wants his senses not overstimulated, he needs rest, peace and quiet and a soft loving touch. Only
that’s how he feels loved. Parents can teach him in any language
talk about love or play soothing music, but if the basic needs are not met, the child feels dissatisfied. The same is true for adults and the elderly.
In order to experience contentment and a lasting feeling of love, you need to take care of yourself, just like you take care of your baby. Only, in adulthood, parents are no longer responsible for this, but the person himself.
How to keep yourself?
What does the daily schedule of an elderly person living alone look like? It is quite common for him to cook a large amount at once – for several days, sometimes even a week. He eats hard-to-digest food or semi-finished products.
In the evening, he watches his favorite series on TV and goes to sleep when they are over at midnight.
Our mind includes the impressions received by the sense organs, which cannot be digested if overstimulated. As a result, the mind is restless and sleep is disturbed. Stomach passes throughout the day, sometimes even once a week. Not to mention the loving touch…
Here are simple tricks to increase peace and love
mood, reduce anxiety and negative emotions and depression in older age (actually at any age).
✔ Prepare simple, fresh food for yourself every morning, from two to three components (for example, cereal for porridge, vegetables and/or lentils) from seasonal
from local organic raw materials (grown without toxins).
✔ Warm porridge is best for breakfast, baked vegetables for dinner, but you can also eat the same food at all meals of the day. The important thing is that most of the time
feed fresh, i.e. food prepared on the same day. The exception is soups, which you can eat for a few days in a row.
✔ Be sure to eat warm food in the evening and mostly warm food at other meals because it is easier to digest.
✔ Eat at specific times every day and do not skip meals. For example, breakfast between 8 and 9, lunch between 12 and 13 and dinner between 17 and 18.
✔ Make sure that the food is nutritious and the portions are moderate. drink morning-
when the first thing is two cups of warm water on an empty stomach. If two cups seems like a lot, start with one cup.
✔ Make sure your stomach is empty every day. It is ideal if you ejaculate the previous day’s portion before breakfast and the ejaculated product has the shape and consistency of a ripe banana. It may take some time to train the body to work this way.
✔ Reduce glowing screens in your life and rest your senses in nature and silence.
✔ Say something beautiful, loving and uplifting to someone every day.
✔ Enjoy the moments when you can just be and not have to do anything.
✔ Go to bed no later than 10 p.m. and wake up early in the morning.
When you wake up, you can sit in bed, support yourself with pillows and close your eyes to experience the beginning of a new day. Enjoy slow mornings.
As aging is a process of drying up and life juices draining away, both internal and external anointing have their place. Triphala powder or aloe juice, which is taken in the morning on an empty stomach, is good for internal anointing. Both regulate the work of the intestines and have a good effect
mind. Massage yourself with warm oil for external anointing. For that
mild sesame oil is perfect, but you can also use sunflower or olive oil.
Warm the right amount of oil (30-40 ml) in a small cup or glass in a water bath and apply it slowly and lovingly all over your body. Then take a warm shower or bath. Massage the joints in a circle and back and forth along the bones.
Massage the abdomen clockwise. Applying warm oil is like transferring the energy of universal love. It’s the soft loving touch you get
bless yourself daily. It is perfect if you can also afford a massage where another person touches you.

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