Useful castor oil

February 11, 2019

The summer was sunny, but the nature around us suffered – all in the desert. The same story as the lawn at home happened to my hair. They became dry and lifeless, split ends and the color was worn off.
The article was published in Tervis + magazine in November 2018

The question of how to give hair its vitality back is quite a question for many women in autumn. I use castor oil in such cases. Castor oil or otherwise
saying castor oil is obtained from castor-
by pressing rubas into oil and is one of the most used traditional medicines in Ayurveda.
As a hair mask
Castor oil masks do wonders for hair! I apply castor oil thickly to my hair – especially the ends – and scalp, wrap it in cling film and keep
with the mask on for a few to three hours or more. It would be even better to leave the mask on overnight, unless it feels too uncomfortable. Castor oil is very thick and dense, and to wash it off, the hair should first be combed
comb through and shampoo at least two or three times. Already the first one
after once, the hair is much smoother and shinier. After several
after such oil procedures, I have noticed that the new, young hair on my otherwise graying head is back to its natural color. I’ve read that oiling the head helps with gray hair and I still thought it was science fiction-
into the field, but now I think it might be quite true!
Help with execution
In the same way, I have gotten rid of lice on children’s heads. To get rid of parasites and mites, the scalp and hair must be smeared thickly with castor oil and the mask must be kept on the head for at least three hours. The procedure must be repeated three times
on a consecutive day and to comb both oily and later washed hair properly with a full-length comb. The head will be free of dandruff and the hair will be beautiful, healthy and shiny.
Other advantages
Castor oil increases hair growth. From my childhood, I remember beauty tips that castor oil lengthens eyelashes and thickens eyebrows. For men who are worried about their own
because of the exposed head, it is recommended to also problem areas every day
smear with castor oil. Castor oil can also help with ingrown hairs – rub castor oil on the problem area at night before going to bed
and by morning the problem may be solved.
The antifungal effect of castor oil is also known. To treat athlete’s foot, rub the foot with oil and leave it in a wrap overnight.
To treat salt warts, put castor oil on the wart every day and it should slowly disappear in a few weeks.
(Ricinus communis) is a perennial growing up to 10 meters in its natural range from Northeast Africa to West Asia. In Estonia, it can only be grown as an annual summer flower. Castor is its reddish decorative
a real eye-catcher in the garden with its pinnate leaves, but you have to take into account that all parts of the plant, especially the seeds, are very poisonous!
According to Ayurveda, it is the only oil that effectively removes toxins from the body.
In Ayurveda, castor oil is used both internally and externally, as a compress. Castor oil has been considered an effective alleviator of many diseases, including women’s diseases.
would give Castor oil compresses are not recommended during pregnancy, menstruation and fever, as well as with inflammatory conditions in which warming compresses are contraindicated. I myself have repeatedly taken castor oil in ginger tea as a panchakarma purgative part of Ayurvedic cleansing. Castor oil induces a soft stomach-
looseness by cleaning the large intestine.
In Ayurveda, a castor oil compress is made:
to the lower back and shoulders for tension headaches and to the hip, neck or large joints for chronic pain;
on the stomach if you have chronic constipation or irritable bowel syndrome;
to the right side for liver problems and gall bladder
if you have gallstones;
to clean the lymphatic channels;
for painful menstruation and gynecological problems such as endometriosis, polycystic ovaries, fibroids and cysts.
How often to use castor oil compress?
For chronic pain or menstrual disorders or the lymphatic system
to clean, make a compress three times a week for one and a half hours for at least six weeks.
Twice a week for one and a half hours for two to three weeks to support digestion or cleanse the liver, kidneys or colon.
How to make a castor oil compress?
Prepare a piece of soft cloth, flannel, reusable gauze or a small towel is suitable. Put on clothes

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