A versatile tree

July 26, 2020

Puju (Artemisia vulgaris) is a medicinal plant with versatile properties. The effect of Puju on the doshas is as follows: VK-P+. I use puju in ayurvedic formularies that are taken in powder form. Puju combines perfectly with other herbs, and that is why I put puju in individual herbal mixtures (formulas) for uterine and digestive problems (candida) and Vata disorders of the nervous system.

Puju has undeservedly received less attention in Estonian traditional medicine than its relative wormwood (Artemisia absinthium). In fact, puju is a very versatile medicinal plant and is not poisonous like wormwood. I picked this hyper-super powerful tree from my garden this year. So cool – I didn’t have to look far. Puju strengthens the uterus, regulates menstruation, relieves pain during the day, hormonal headaches, promotes menstruation and is suitable in combination with other herbs to regulate the menstrual cycle. In cooperation with other plants, jujube helps to control epileptic seizures. The bitterness of Puju cleanses the nervous, menstrual and circulatory channels, and the warming energy keeps Vata under control. Externally, use puju tea for fungal diseases, also for stubborn toenail fungus. To do this, soak your toes twice a day in a solution to which a tablespoon of the drug has been added. Make the infusion like you make tea: pour hot water on the tree, but do not boil. Let it brew until the extract cools down and you can put your toes in. Puju tea can also be used as a vaginal rinse in case of yeast overgrowth or white discharge, if there is no inflammation. There is still time to collect!

I really enjoy this kunksmoor work and I am grateful to my teacher Atreya Smith who taught me

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