June 26, 2023

Ajurveeda and Ayurvedic therapies are among the oldest methods of creating health and wellness that have been used historically and are still growing in popularity today.

Ayurvedic therapies are based on the whole body and mind, and their main goal, according to Deepak Chopra, is to open the body’s natural healing pathways.

Ayurveda is known for effective health programs, the most important of which is panchakarma. Panchakarma is a powerful complex procedure for body cleansing, tissue renewal and mind stabilization.

Ayurveda is a branch of complementary medicine that works together with conventional medicine. The effectiveness of the therapies can be measured, for example, with family doctor analyses. Ayurvedic techniques include nutrition, lifestyle adjustments, use of medicinal plants, pranayama (breathing techniques), meditation, aromatherapy, massage, mantra therapy, etc.

Ayurvedic therapies are always tailored individually, according to the type of person.

What are the benefits of Ayurvedic therapy?

Ayurvedic therapies deal with both the root cause of the health disorder and the relief of symptoms. During the therapies, the body is generally balanced, healthy habits are taught and reinforced, and immunity is strengthened.

In the case of Ayurvedic therapies, the statement applies – a healthy mind in a healthy body. Balanced body procedures create harmony and peace in the mind, thoughts and emotions. Ayurvedic therapies are long-lasting and very effective. The result of Ayurvedic therapy depends on the person’s motivation, persistence and, of course, the nature of the health problem. Many autoimmune diseases can also be cured with the help of Ayurvedic therapies (panchakarma).

Also, Ayurvedic therapies are mostly mild and non-invasive and do not cause side effects.

In summary, Ayurvedic therapy focuses on the body’s own natural healing ability, the body’s energy (prana) and increasing independence from environmental factors, i.e. increasing the body’s immunity and resistance.

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