June 26, 2023


Hypnotherapy is a method of psychotherapy that uses hypnosis (a state similar to meditation in which the mind is deeply relaxed and not under the control of the conscious mind) to support a change in a person’s behavior towards a desired outcome.

Hypnotherapy is increasingly used to treat health disorders and health-related problems such as addictions, stress, insomnia, negative thoughts, depression, anxiety disorders, chronic pain syndrome, excess body weight, etc.

In classical hypnotherapy, information is collected before the session, which allows to mobilize the client’s internal resources to solve problems. Then, the person is taken into a deep trance-like state, and unnecessary automatic thoughts and behavior patterns from the past are erased and reprogrammed according to the complete self-image described by the person himself, in which the person’s full potential is manifested. The process includes thorough preliminary work, where the client’s background is clarified and measurable goals are agreed upon. After the hypnotherapy session, the therapist can give specific homework assignments to integrate the changes into daily activities, thus creating a synergy between the body and the mind.

How does hypnotherapy help?

With the help of hypnotherapy, you can relax through stuck thought and behavior patterns and thereby guide your body and mind towards making the necessary changes. We have all heard of the healing effects of meditation, and hypnotherapy is based on meditation. Meditation skills are not important, because the therapist manages the hypnotherapy process. However, hypnotherapy is only one part of a holistic approach, and with the therapist’s help, an action plan is drawn up to implement changes.

Hypnotherapy helps people create clarity around themselves and learn to see their lives from other perspectives. Many people find that hypnotherapy helps them react to different events calmly and adequately and helps them make the right choices in different situations.

Hypnotherapy helps people to understand and accept themselves, which makes them more free inside and better prepared to respond in critical situations. In addition, hypnotherapy helps change thinking by relaxing thought structures, which provides a clearer sense of decision-making.

In conclusion, it can be said that hypnotherapy helps people relieve stress and emotional and psychosomatic disorders and create a positive attitude towards life. Hypnotherapy allows people to relax, regain strength and determination more quickly, and manage their lives successfully. Therefore, hypnotherapy is an incredibly effective form of therapy, which in a fairly short time (5-6 sessions) brings about the desired changes in thinking and behavior.

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