I offer consultation in terms of both health and psychological counseling. The two are often linked.

Health counseling

You are welcome for a consultation if you want to strengthen physical health, psychological well-being or make relationships more satisfying. You are also welcome if you want individual nutritional advice, learn to meditate or change thought and behavior patterns.

Body and mind are the seat of diseases and pleasures. A balanced use of time, body, mind and sense organs makes one happy (Ch.Su.1.55).

Ayurvedic therapies support health from birth to death and help overcome various health problems.

Health problems and areas where Ajurveeda can help:

Digestive problems, metabolic disorders, food intolerance, food intolerance, chronic constipation, diabetes, candida, high cholesterol, arthritis, rheumatism; Skin problems, including eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, acne, allergies, hay fever, rheumatic pains; Autoimmune diseases; Hormonal problems, including thyroid problems; Vascular problems , including varicose veins, thrombosis, hemorrhoids; Men’s health, including burnout, heart attack, stroke, hernia, ulcers, prostate problems, impotence, premature ejaculation, sterility and infertility, etc.; Women’s health of all ages, including PMS, headaches, menstrual pains and ailments , cysts, polycystic ovaries, myomas, inflammations, endometriosis, premenopause and menopause.; Sexology; Preparation for pregnancy, pregnancy; Child care and children’s health, children’s diseases, including asthma, colds, etc.; Infertility; Psychological and mental problems, including anxiety disorders and depression. Physical and mental health of the elderly.

Ajurveeda and conventional medicine complement each other. Depending on the health issue, during Ayurvedic treatment, you must be under the supervision of a doctor of conventional medicine and have regular health tests and blood tests.

Each consultation consists of two parts – Ayurvedic diagnostics and recommendations – drawing up a treatment or action plan. During the first consultation, I will observe, feel and interview you thoroughly and find out your current condition. As a result of the meeting, we agree on an initial treatment or action plan that is suitable for you, which includes a choice of small changes in your diet or daily habits that you can afford, techniques that increase self-love or other therapies, including herbal medicine, massage, meditation, breathing exercises or yoga practices.

In the repeat consultation, I will carry out diagnostics again and together we will evaluate the changes in your mood and metabolism. If necessary, I adjust the therapies or change the treatment plan. Throughout the healing process, you will be under observation and in communication with me.

Psychological counseling

According to Ajurveeda, psychological and spiritual problems arise from a lack of proper clarity and restlessness, excessive intensity, stuck thought and behavior patterns. In my approach to dealing with psychological problems, I use the possibilities of modern psychotherapy, emotion management techniques, as well as meditation, breathing exercises, mantras, massage and hypnotherapy. I encourage make you forget everything you know about yourself and rediscover yourself as a “clean sheet” – noticing, experiencing and observing yourself during simple small practices.

Clarity and presence are the basis of happiness and satisfaction. Here are my contacts if you want to arrange a consultation.