Family therapy & couple counseling

Just as nourishing food caresses the stomach and gives a feeling of strength and contentment, nourishing relationships give strength and happiness. How to nurture relationships when everything is constantly changing, you yourself change, the environment changes and the relationship changes over time. How to create closeness, which is the wonderful sweet liquid of life itself. Where to communicate when it is difficult to talk about important topics or there is a misunderstanding?
In couples therapy, space is reserved for dealing with relationship issues and resolving conflicts peacefully. It is wonderful when we can dance the dance of life with someone on the same foot, and for this we have to be supple, flexible. Love is a decision. When you make peace with your emotions, peace will come to all your relationships.

How do you signal to your partner that you would like to go to couples therapy?
You could express yourself like this: I love you and our relationship is important to me. I want to end these pointless fights, I want to be closer to you and be happy. I think couples therapy could help. I want you to come to couples therapy with me. However, I accept your choice if you don’t want it.
For a lasting deep happiness, it is necessary to know oneself, one’s needs, desires, attitudes and also limits. Individual therapy is better suited for this.