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Ajurveeda brings time and perfection to everything we do, control over our health and confidence in life. In the narrower sense, Ayurveda is a holistic system of complementary medicine that deals with disease prevention and treatment and corrects physical and psychological health problems through diet, lifestyle, herbal and other natural therapies, including yoga and meditation. Ayurvedic teachings may be over 10,000 years old, and their exact origins are speculative. Ancient Ayurvedic texts have been found in what is now India, and Ayurveda can probably be considered the source of European folk medicine, among other things. Ayurveda means the science or art of life in Sanskrit and talks about how to live in harmony with your individual nature, the surrounding nature and the environment.

Ajurveeda teaches how to live in harmony with yourself and everything around you.

Ajurveeda as a health science

Ajurveeda focuses on the person, their uniqueness, not the disease. Illness is treated as a discrepancy between a person’s innate nature and a condition caused by the environment and the disorder of adaptation to it. A sick symptom is a messenger that signals this conflict, it can be used as a thread to get to the real causes of the pathology. Ayurveda can be helpful for both chronic and acute health problems, but it is not a substitute for national medicine and doctors’ prescriptions and treatment.

What’s the consultation like?

In the consultation, I will observe, touch and question you, and then together we will draw up an action plan that is just right for you, which includes affordable small changes in diet and/or daily habits. The action plan will probably also include self-love techniques and/or other therapies such as herbal medicine, massage, meditation, breathing exercises, or yoga practices. Herbal medicine in the Ayurvedic sense means taking herbal powders, tinctures or herbal remedies. I make plant powders myself mainly from our own Estonian plants according to the type and condition of a particular person. To achieve a lasting result, the powders should be taken for as many months as for how many years the problem has been present. I also recommend a home panchakarma retreat for clients with chronic ailments to cleanse the body and increase peace of mind. According to Deepak Chopra, Panchakarma is the most powerful technique for opening health paths. For clients with strong anxiety and psychological problems, I recommend hypnotherapy sessions in addition to counseling. By combining hypnotherapy and Ayurvedic practices, it is possible to enhance the healing process and consolidate positive results. You can also experience hypnotherapy as a completely separate therapy. Based on Ayurveda’s holistic human approach, I advise you on psychological and relationship issues.

Ajurveeda is to increase the sense of love and security in and around you. Hypnotherapy also deals with the same thing. These are techniques that allow relaxation into the chaos that life inevitably tends to be.

Ajurveeda massage

An important place in the therapies is massage, which gives you the opportunity to relax comfortably, gently cleanse and reach a state of inner peace and well-being. Such a state is necessary to find answers to personal questions within oneself and for a natural healing process to take place.


Stay up to date with events and workshops where I share exciting and current events through the prism of Ajurveeda with all those interested, guide massage, meditation or cooking. Sometimes it is good to take time to look deeper into yourself and notice what has been overshadowed by the pressure of external rush and regulation and what would need (re)discovery. Slowness and loving co-creation often help resolve conflicts between our inner power and our outer environment. To do this, you can join an Ajurveeda weekend course, where we gently cleanse the body, learn to notice and observe ourselves, learn and do massage, cook, do yoga, meditate and do other things, still increasing the feeling of love within ourselves. Very nice events are meditating with small groups. cooking ayurvedic food and talking about vital – important things. Ladies’ evenings or birthdays are nice, where we have a massage and go to the sauna and talk about love, sexuality, raising children, etc., always through the prism of Ayurveda. Ask for an offer and I will come to your home. Here are my contacts, if you want to ask something, make an appointment for a consultation or massage. I am happy to answer by e-mail, Facebook or phone. You can read about various events in the subsection events. Let me know if you would like me to post information about future events. Disclaimer: I am a psychologist with a master’s degree and not a doctor. I do not diagnose or treat diseases and do not prescribe drugs. All the material on the website is my personal opinion, informative in nature and does not replace a doctor’s recommendations. Reading the website, interpreting and following the recommendations both on the website and in consultations, taking herbal supplements and participating in retreats are entirely at your own risk. Before starting a course of medicinal herbs, it is strongly recommended to consult a doctor. Many herbs and herbal mixtures lack clinical studies and are therefore not intended for clinical use. All material on the page is protected by copyright.